The History of Wi-Fi

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A wi-fi plays an important role in our daily life and as home use since several years ago. Since its invention, the existing of wi-fi is really important for keeping us connected to the network at home, office and even in public. But, did you already know the history of wi-fi, when wi-fi has invented and how does the wi-fi standards development? It must be interesting to learn about the the wi-fi’s history.

What is Wi-Fi and How Does it Work?

At a standard level, wi-fi can be described as a simple way of getting broadband internet for your wireless devices that use radio signals. Wi-fi starts working when your transmitter receives data from the internet, then it converts the data into a radio signal that can be read and received by your wi-fi enabled devices.

When was the Invention of Wi-Fi?

You may get more curious to know when the wi-fi is invented for the first time. Wi-fi was invented in 1997 that called 802.11 protocol and also first released to users in the same year. This invention lead to the creation of IEEE802.11 for the standards of communication for the wireless local area networks or also called as WLANs. After that, there is also a basic of wi-fi specification also established which allows 2megabytes per second of data transfer wirelessly. Then, it becomes the influence on the development of routers to use IEEE802.11. And wi-fi starts to introduce as home use in 1999.

How Does Wi-Fi Standards Development?

The history of wi-fi standards development is really interesting to study. The history of wi-fi begins in 1971 when ALOHAnet using the UHF wireless packet network to connect to the Hawaiian Islands. As you now that the ALOHA protocol was the pioneer to the Ethernet or later known as the IEEE 802.11 protocols. In 1985, the ISM band was invented that the frequency can be used by some equipment like microwave and oven. Another invention was released in 1991 that is becomes the precursor to 802.11 under name WaveLAN and can be used in the cashier system. The first version of the 802.11 protocol was invented and released in 1997 that provided up to 2 Mbit/s link speeds. And then it is updated with 802.11 b for 11 Mbit/s link speed in 1999. In 2003, wi-fi has faster and stronger speeds in the 802.11g standard. This condition also affects to the router getting better with higher power and further area coverage. For the next level, in 2009 wi-fi has the 802.11n standards to offer more reliable and faster than the predecessor. In this year, the MIMOs or Multiple Input Multiple Output technologies is also introduced. The next year, the simultaneous dual-band router also invented for more efficient data transfer. In 2012, the next feature is also found, like Beamforming technology. And wifi is always developed until these days. The history of wi-fi may be long to study, but it is still interesting to know. There are some histories which really interesting to know, like when wi-fi was invented and how does the wi-fi standard development?. Are you experiencing a weak wireless signal? You have to think to install wi-fi at your home then.

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